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Rage 'Smash' Room in Kingsland, GA

Are you feeling angry, stressed, or just generally fed up?

If you're looking for a cathartic experience that will help you let off some steam, our rage 'smash' room in Kingsland, Georgia is the perfect place for you! The best part? It's cheaper than therapy! 

We provide a safe and fun environment for people to come and destroy whatever is causing them frustration - whether it's a vase, a chair, bottles, televisions, appliances, mirrors or even a desktop computer! And we've got a range of weapons to choose from, including sledgehammers, crowbars, golf clubs, and baseball bats.


Break Stuff!

So whether you want to go it alone, make it a date night to remember or bring some friends or family along, you can be sure of a good time! Why not come and visit us today and unleash your inner rage? It'll be the best decision you make all week! Pump the volume up to 11, ask Alexa to play your favorite song, and Unleash! 


Have a group of 10 or more or planning an event? Head over to our Group Page to learn more about our discounted rates.

Your 30 minute Rage Room experience includes 15 small items, 5 medium items and 1 large item. Please wear closed toed shoes (no crocs) and comfortable clothing.  


Want to add-on?

  • "Just a Little More” – Comes with 10 small & 5 medium extra items to smash!

  • “Unleashed” – Comes with 20 small & 7 medium and 2 large extra items to smash!

  • “Let that ish Go” – Comes with 30 small, 10 medium, 3 large ad 1 XL extra items to smash!

  • “Go Big or Go Home” – XXL items to smash

Starting at $35.

Rage Room Girls Night at Unleashed
Rage Room at Unleashed Camden
Rage Room Armory at Unleashed Camden
Rage Room Afterwards
Rage Smash Room at Unleashed Camden in Kingsland, Georgia
Rage Room at Unleashed Camden in Kingsland, Georgia
Rage Room Date Night at Unleashed Camden
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