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axe throwing league kingsland, ga

Where and why our axe league started.

We started our Axe League in October 2021 with 13 members. Most of our experience was simply coming in and throwing once. Some had never thrown at all.

Some of us were pretty good. Most of us were not. And everyone had their own reason for joining...but the camaraderie and friendships forged, along with good food and cold drinks keep us coming back week after week and season after season regardless of how many drops we have or losses we take.

It's really not about the Axe Throwing. It's cheering each other on, celebrating a killshot, enjoying an upset and watching everyone improve each week and have fun doing it. It's an #AxeFamily. We have members as young as 11 and some as old as...well you get the idea.

Where we're going.

We are now one of the largest sanctioned World Axe Throwing leagues in the US with over 40 members and continue to grow. We even started a Youth League in Summer with 14 members! We'd love to have you check us out. You'll immediately become part of the Axe Family. See you Thursday. We get started at 6pm.

A little more detail.

Our Axe League, located in Kingsland, Georgia, is a WATL Sanctioned League. We offer a variety of leagues, marathons and tournaments throughout the year. Join our Axe League Facebook Group for the latest news, info and shi*t talk. 

We follow the World Axe Throwing League standards and regulations for our Axe Throwing Leagues. For all rules on Standard, Duals, or Big Axe leagues please see their rules page.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Reach out to The Axe Chief and he'll get back with you! 

World Axe Throwing League Affiliated venue in Kingsland, Georgia
World Knife Throwing League
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