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Axe Throwing at Unleashed Camden in Kingsland, Georgia

Experience life unleashed

Axe Throwing | Unleashed Camden | Kingsland, Georgia

Looking for something unique and exciting to do in Kingsland, Georgia? Then look no further than axe throwing at our facility. This is the perfect activity for date night, girls night, family time or anything in between. Our experienced staff will ensure that you have a memorable experience that you'll be talking about for weeks to come.

Ladies Night Out | Rage Room | Unleashed Camden, Kingsland GA

Do you ever feel like you just need to let out some rage? Maybe you've had a bad day, or maybe you're just feeling stressed out. Either way, our Rage Room in Kingsland, Georgia is the perfect place for you to let loose and release all that pent-up anger! So suit up, grab a weapon from the armory, blast your favorite music and unleash! 

Paint Splatter Room | Unleashed Camden, Kingsland GA

Ready for a unique and fun activity in Kingsland, Georgia? Look no further than our Paint "Splatter" Room! This is not your typical painting experience - we encourage paint on the walls, ceilings, floor, and even each other! Our UV-lit room and personal sound system create an interactive and fun environment perfect for any group.  So unleash your inner artist and come have some fun with us in our Paint "Splatter" Room!

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